About Us

An international group of experts in Language Training, Languages for Specific Purposes and the use of Digital Tools in Education joined forces to set up the CATAPULT project: Computer Assisted Training And Platforms to Upskill LSP Teachers.


CATAPULT received a grant from the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Union. One of its Outputs is Linguacop: a Community of Practice of Language Teachers. A key element of Linguacop is the matching tool Linguaclick.

Linguaclick is a matching tool that aims to link language students in an objective and transparent way to the language trainers that suit them best, in terms of learning objectives, methodology, specialty, price, etc. The use of the Linguaclick matching tool is free of charge for students and teachers.

The CATAPULT project comprises 5 outputs:
A Situational Survey

To study LSP teacher job market in higher and adult education and to identify skills gaps

A Common Competence Framework

To serve as the basis for a specific LSP teacher training programme


To upskill language teachers involved in LSP teaching from a dual perspective:
LSP didactics and digital technology integration

A Community of Practice Platform

To offer trained LSP teachers an online environment to advertise their expertise and find work (face-to-face sessions and online teaching)

An Accreditation Procedure

To garantee the highest quality of the training offered (MOOC) and to offer certification to trained LSP teachers