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Please fill in this form with the information that will show in your teacher profile. You can write about yourself in English and in any other language that you want to communicate in with your students. Remember that the more complete your profile is, the more attractive it is for students looking for a teacher. So be sure to upload a video of yourself and to explain what kind of person you are. Visitors really appreciate that! And don’t forget to upload your picture in the Edit File of your Teacher Account, that you can access in the top right corner after you have submitted this set up form.


In this form we ask you to give more professional information. In the first place the main language you teach. In the results we will show first the teachers that have chosen a language as their first, and then the rest. But of course you can choose more languages you want to teach besides your first. Indicate if you work online and/or on site (at your place or at the students’). Next indicate which students you are aiming for: Private Classes, LSP and/or Business. And finally we strongly advise you to upload a video** of yourself and to give all the relevant info on your Education & Work Experience. Students like to see you talk!

**Please paste the YouTube link (URL) of your video that appears in the bar of the browser. The link should look like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4xPqIA5q7g If you want to learn how to upload a video to YouTube, click here

Any questions? Check the Linguaclick Blog and Forum on LinguaCoP.

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This is the last form. Please provide the minimum price you charge in euros for 1 hour with 1 student online and/or on location. (Remember that if we get complaints about false information in you profile, we may decide to close it down.) Next indicate your level in the languages you teach, according to the CEFR. Finally indicate when you are available and you are done. Thank you and good luck!

Any questions? Check the Linguaclick Blog and Forum on LinguaCoP.


Please make sure you have filled all the required fields(*) before submitting your profile.