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I am a highly qualified and experienced teacher of English, having worked in the UK and abroad with adult learners of all ages and of all levels of language competence, including native speakers. Almost all my work has been in Higher Education settings, and I have 30 years’ experience in EAP, teaching credit-bearing undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the UK, Japan, China and France, and preparing students for entry to UK and US universities on Foundation and Pre-sessional programmes in Tokyo, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Glasgow, and Durham. I have been responsible for designing and implementing EAP language skills and CLIL courses, teacher training/development courses and a variety of advanced language tests. At INTO City University of London in 2018, I resourced, designed and delivered a CPD Legal English course for judges (Bolashak scholars) from Kazakhstan.
I have extensive experience in the field of teacher education and development, with both novice and practising teachers, including acting as course convenor of the BICTEFL course in Paris, for which I devised and led an innovative mentoring scheme. In July 2018 I was part of the team of facilitators on a new joint Warwick University/Shanghai Jiao Tong University teacher development project, delivered in China. In recent years I have supervised MATESOL dissertations at Glasgow University and Durham University, and have assessed MATESOL module summative assignments for Durham.
I have also worked as development editor and team manager in the publishing industry.
I am conscientious, well-organised and meticulous. I have leadership experience and work well in a team, but I am also an independent self-starter. I am committed to lifelong learning and personal growth for myself and for others.

Education and work experience

Magdalen College, Oxford, BA Hons in English Language and Literature (1st class)
The Bell College, Cambridge Dip TEFLA (distinction)
University of Reading, MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (distinction)
The Open University, BA Hons in Philosophy and Psychological Studies (2:1)
University/Archdiocese of Glasgow, Award in Catholic Theological Education

University of Birmingham BIA May 2020-present
Teaching Fellow in EAP: planning, delivering and assessing the 15- and 6-week pre-sessional courses, entirely online using Zoom/Canvas. Design of innovative ESAP strand in revised modular PS 2021 curriculum. Delivering pre-arrival/orientation webinar series. Liaising with Language Support Tutors.
Cardiff University English Language Centre Sept 2019-May 2020
EAP Pre-sessional Programme Co-ordinator: curriculum and assessment design; recruitment & line-management of temporary teaching staff; course evaluation and quality control; in-sessional EAP teaching in Cardiff University Business School.
Open University of Catalunya August 2019-present
English Language Instructor: facilitating, guiding, giving feedback on and assessing the work of learners in this entirely online university.
Durham University Centre for Academic Development March 2019-present
Senior Curriculum Support Tutor, mentoring and giving guidance to teachers on the Pre-sessional EAP programme; member of the co-ordinating and administration team. Curriculum developer, with responsibility for designing discipline-specific strands in the revised pre-sessional syllabus for summer 2019. Dissertation Supervisor to MATESOL students; assessor of MATESOL module assignments.
University of Lancaster International Study Centre April –June 2019
EAP Tutor on the Foundation programme for international students.
Nottingham Trent University Sept 2018- January 2019
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, delivering integrated in-sessional EAP support at the International Communication University of China, Beijing, to students in the first year of NTU MA degree courses in Journalism, Museum Studies, and Intercultural Communication. Curriculum development in collaboration with subject lecturers from NTU seconded to Beijing.
NCUK – The University Consortium April 2017-Oct 2018
Member of the curriculum development team, with particular responsibility for devising a new syllabus framework for the pre-Masters programme, benchmarked to CEFR. External Examiner & Moderator of NCUK Foundation and pre-Masters coursework and summative assessments.
University of Warwick June-September 2018
Teacher trainer: member of the team of three facilitators on a new joint Warwick/Shanghai Jiao Tong University teacher development project, delivered at SJTU and targeting college teachers of English working in rural areas of China. EAP Tutor on 6-week discipline-specific pre-sessional course.
Durham University English Language Centre April-October 2018
Dissertation Supervisor to MATESOL students researching topics in discourse analysis/SFL; change management in education; teacher education; MA Law students’ needs; pronunciation.
INTO City, University of London Feb – May 2018
Tutor in Legal English to a group of legal professionals from Kazakhstan. Syllabus design, materials development, planning & delivery of a 220-hour discipline-specific language improvement course, to support scholars’ subsequent participation on a professional development programme at City University. My work also entailed researching resources, curating the course Moodle and arranging educational visits, e.g. to courts in session.
European Union Support to Higher Education in ASEAN region project Dec 2017 & 2016
Teacher on the Academic Language Improvement Programme (ALIP), Vietnam National University, Hanoi (2017) and University of Yangon, Myanmar (2016). ALIP is an EAP project aimed at preparing high-achieving and scholarship-winning students from SE Asian countries to study for one or two semesters in another ASEAN country. ALIP gives students a head-start to their studies abroad, and promotes interaction, co-operation and academic achievement throughout the region.
Durham University English Language Centre June-September 2017 & 2015
Senior EAP tutor on 12-week pre-sessional subject-specific Academic Literacies course for students progressing to taught MAs in Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences (2017) and Law (2015). Monitoring and assessing students’ progress using fixed assessment criteria; keeping detailed records and writing reports on students’ performance; adapting, supplementing and delivering a set syllabus. Engagement in collaborative planning of teaching, team teaching and regular reflective review of the syllabus.
University of Glasgow College of Social Sciences Feb 2016- Feb 2017
College Assistant International Student Learning Officer, providing in-sessional EAP support to international students via one-to-one tutorials, workshops and VLE online resources. Co-ordinating the University Preparation transitions programme for Foundation-level students, including input from guest lecturers, a student mentoring scheme, ‘taster’ seminars, and social events; planning and managing the budget, scheduling, mentor recruitment and liaison with departmental lecturers.
Richmond, the American University in London Sept – December 2015
Adjunct Professor in the Academic Literacies Programme, teaching credit-bearing Academic Writing and Research Skills courses to home and international students as part of the core curriculum. Delivering individual tutorials in the Writing Centre.
INTO at Glasgow Caledonian University October 2013- June 2015
Adapting and delivering EAP Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening Skills courses to international pre-masters and Foundation Year students.
University of Birmingham (EISU) September 2014
Course tutor on the 4-week EAP intensive course for students with unconditional offers, with sole responsibility for teaching, assessing and customising a syllabus for one class of pre-masters students.
University of Glasgow, EFL unit July 2013-August 2014
EAP Tutor on pre- and in-sessional courses: mentoring less experienced colleagues; subject-specific pre-sessional courses in Social Sciences and Accountancy & Finance. Teaching in-sessional courses for university students (undergraduate to PhD level) and staff: Writing and Pronunciation. Supervision of MEd TESOL students’ dissertations and joint assessment.


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